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St. Albans Adopt a Lamp Post Project - Help Make St. Albans Shine

Adopt A Lamp Post Project to Help Make St. Albans Shine

St. Albans, WV – The City of St. Albans is proud to announce the launch of their new Adopt a Lamp Post Project. This project invites residents and businesses to join the community effort in beautifying Main Street and nearby areas with seasonal decorations.

Patty Swango, the project organizer, will guide participants through the process of adopting a lamppost and decorating it with their own seasonal theme. This year, lamp posts will be decorated in four cycles, each corresponding to the seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Christmas.

For the Spring cycle, lamp posts must be decorated by March 20 and will stay up until May. The Summer cycle requires a patriotic theme, and lamp posts must be decorated by May 27. The Fall cycle decorations must be up by Tuesday, September 15, and the Christmas cycle by November 30.

This project is a great opportunity for residents and businesses to showcase their creativity, community spirit, and support for the city. There is no charge for participation.

For more information on the Adopt a Lamp Post Project or to register to adopt a lamp post, please contact Patty Swango at 304.549.4100 or paradeladysa at

Patty Swango
Project Organizer, “Adopt a Lamp Post”


Sign up for the Adopt a Lamp Post Project

Join the City of St. Albans in bringing a touch of seasonal charm to our main street and downtown locations with the Adopt a Lamp Post Project! As a resident or business, you have the opportunity to sign up and adopt a lamp post to decorate with your unique theme. From Springtime to Patriotic, Harvest to Holidays, show your creativity and bring life to our community.

Please Note: A limited number of lamp posts are available. Your registration only indicates your intention and does not guarantee there will be an available lamp post. 

You’re responsible for purchasing all decorations for your lamp post. 

Once your Adopt a Lamp Post Project registration has been reviewed and processed, the program coordinator will be contacting you for further instruction.

Please note, lamp posts are available first come, first serve. You will be notified of your designated lamp post.
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